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Café  ​Builders

Marine style

Our design firm offers you a variety of design options for yourgo cafe. One of the most popular is the Interior in the marine style: "WithRed Sea luxury".

An example of such an interior can be seen in cafe the Mediterraneo Cafe. The choice of marine steeleye made was inspired by the story. The establishment is located in Cyprus, Limassol Marina. Since ancient times, the Mediterranean Sea was considered the center of the world: a place connecting East and West.

The main idea of the project quickly came to the mind of the authors, because Cyprus is washed on all sides by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and the pier goes directly to the port. The design goal was not just to appeal to this place, but to embody aesthetics in the interior as such.

The team was inspired by the whiteness of the Aegean Sea, Venetian and Islamic motifs, and the blue of the ocean depths. Especially in the design, natural beauty, water as an element and fishing are emphasized. Thus, it is not surprising that this interior is usually decorated with fishing nets or "fish scales".

The metal structure of the room artistically visualizes elements associated with the underwater world. The wooden part of the hull on the walls creates an image of a sunken ship, which gradually turns into a wholecity on the seabed.

If you want to implement the sea style in your cafe, then our design firm will help you!

Marine style.jpg

Modern style

If you are interested in an Art Nouveau interior, we can offer a variant based on the example of the design Don of the Don Cafe House in Kosovo.

Designers created the concept of a modern cafe space, inspired by the image of bags filled with coffee beans. Columns have the texture of such bags. And the walls have an "organic" shape-they are decorated with wooden plates, which together create an unusual complex shape, also similar in color to coffee.

Tables and chandeliers are arranged randomly in the hall, which is also part of the overall idea – it symbolizes grains in a bag. In one part of the cafe, the walls merge smoothly into seating areas. This is a dominant and unique feature of the interior.

The tables in the middle of the hall are also shaped like coffee beans. A wood-paneled wall is located behind the bar, supporting the overall style of the interior.


Rural style

An example of such an interior can be found at VIPS Restaurant, located in Seoul, Korea. Description of the interior of the restaurant is best to start with the ceiling. It was on him that the designers of the architectural studio who were engaged in this project emphasized.

Dark finishes, open communication systems, numerous built-in and suspended lamps and powerful wooden beams in the form of triangles make the space more voluminous and free. The almost complete absence of decorative partitions and an open kitchen area create an atmosphere of warmth and unity between visitors and employees.

For a small company, there is a separate office with a long table and upholstered chairs.

Simple, comfortable light-colored wooden furniture blends seamlessly with beige tile flooring. The walls are decorated with colorful photos of fresh food.

Not hidden behind blank walls, the kitchen allows visitors to watch the process of cooking culinary masterpieces. In addition, this solution contributes to the fact that every, even the most remote corner of the restaurant is filled with delicious flavors. Spotlights and simple light bulbs on long cords are used to illuminate the kitchen.

Wood paneling on the walls gives the place a certain resemblance to a large rustic barn turned into a food outlet. But this is not to say that it looks out of place. Such decor, on the contrary, gives the restaurant a certain charm and unique style.

If you want to implement a rural style in your cafe, then our design firm will help you!

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