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Rustic interior design

Rustic interior design

You will find an example of this design in the VIPS restaurant located in the Korean city of Seoul.


Its description is best to start with the ceiling. It was on him that the designers who were engaged in this project emphasized.

Dark finishes, open communication systems, numerous built-in and suspended lamps and powerful wooden beams in the form of triangles make the space more voluminous and free.


The almost complete absence of decorative partitions and an open kitchen area create an atmosphere of warmth and unity between visitors and employees.

A private room with a long table and upholstered chairs
Wooden furniture
Open Kitchen
Rustic style
Modern restaurant design

Modern restaurant design

The modern design of Jamy's Burger restaurant is presented in Frankfurt. Experts from the architectural agency reworked the existing concept and improved the interior.

It is based on an industrial style together with the use of natural materials such as oak and spruce. In addition, functional furniture was designed and planned for future Jamy's Burger restaurants, a place for returning trays, food carts and a bar were designed.

Dining area in the modern Jamy's Burger restaurant
Natural materials perfectly blend into the interior
Tray return locations and food delivery trolley
Industrial restaurant interior design

Industrial restaurant interior design

An example of industrial restaurant interior design is also available in Hong Kong. The modern style of a warehouse with raw and rough materials is taken. Metal beams and harsh steel pipes are concentrated at the top. The walls of the open kitchen are made of cranberry – colored bricks.

Cute Industrial Restaurant Interior Design
Curtains create a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant
Walnut-brown color scheme of the restaurant interior
Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

An example of such an interior can be found in the Momo Grill restaurant, located in an old restored building in the center of the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda.

The main idea of the interior is to create a modern, relaxed and relaxed atmosphere that will attract with its cool charm and individual style.

In order to reproduce a good impression and show sincerity towards customers, an open floor plan was designed inside the premises.

This condition made it possible to combine the kitchen and dining area into one space, which symbolizes hospitality to visitors.

Open access to the kitchen is practiced in many similar establishments and gives you the opportunity to watch the cooking process, which significantly increases your appetite.

Ceramic tile finishing
Scandinavian style horeca
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