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Дружеская беседа

Cafeteria Constrution

Обслуживание первого блюда

Industrial style

An example of such an interior can be seen in cafeteria the Coffee Bar in San Francisco.

The cafe space is located in a former loading dock, with huge windows that allow natural light to fill the space.

Decorating the interior with panoramic images of the surrounding area, live plants and vintage light boxes from old arched windows, the specialists created a special image, industrial and organic at the same time.


If you want to implement an industrial style in your coffeeshop, then our design firm will help you!

Владельцы кафе

Rustic eco-design

An example of such an interior can be seen at the Coffee Ground in Endsley.

Coffee Ground is the first site on the regional market that promotes this revolutionary method of roasting grains and adheres tostrict environmental principles.

The interior of the venue shows a palette of natural and at the same time refined shades. Galvanized steel, vintage tsink, terracotta planters, furniture and plants in mesh wheelbarrows were chosen as visually unstable elements that will nobly change their appearance over time.

The central element of the space is a stand made of galvanized steel, the facade of which is lined with overlapping boards. Due to the presence of a decorative canopy, the structure resembles a barn in shape.Mobile shelves for plants that are used for zoning the interior were made.


If you want to implement a rustic eco-design in your coffee shop, then our design firm will help you!

Стильное Современное Кафе

Corporate design

An example of such an interior can be seen in The Coffee Club coffee shop in The United Arab Emirates.

The creators tried to combine old traditions with new architectural details that intertwine with the design of the mosque. A coffee shop can serve a large number of customers at the same time, and the menu is amazing in its variety.

Работа в кафе

"Home" design

An example of such an interior can be seen in Colaj the Colaj Cafe in Romania.

The image of the interior consists entirely of object design, where each individual detail in itself makes almost no sense, but when combined into one image, like pieces of a puzzle, they form a single picture, inspiring and colorful. There is no single style in the furniture, but the combination of bright chairs is a revival of decadence, Art Nouveau, Baroque andтArt Decor, such a combination can be safely considered a tribute to the historical past, from which the designers pulled out a piece of the most interesting representatives.

The vaulted ceiling is decorated with a customized lighting system, lamps made of iron and with a metal frame, spider-shaped. Original lampshades are present both on the ceiling and along the perimeter of the walls, illuminating every corner, so that the situation is not gloomy and boring. Examples of lighting devices serve not only for their intended purpose, but also as a decorative addition, creating a necessary and cozy atmosphere that attracts customers. The white walls in the space serve as an ideal canvas for creating galleries and constantly changing expositions.


Menu is presented in the form of an easel, which especially emphasizes the idea and basic concept, which became the central motif in the formation of a special design and layout. No less beautiful in terms of furnishings and bathroom, which is decorated with chic contrasts of black and white colors. Clearly visible elements of vintage retro, and even old basins - like amazing sinks, wonderful use of old things.


An unusual and colorful cafe that attracts visitors with its unusual atmosphere, unique interior and creative mood. Where else can you find so many rare details, old objects, antiques that were given the chance to live another life and become part of an unsurpassed masterpiece that pays tribute to the historical development of the fashion world?

If you want to implement a "home" design in your coffee shop, then our design firm will help you!

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