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Друзья в ресторане



Cozy home design

Our design firm will help you create a cozy home style for your pizzeria. An example of such a design isthe PizzaExpress cafe in India.


Windows and doorways allow millions of people in this city passing by to see the beautiful screens of traditional, imitating lace, and modern metal structures.

On the left are the cabins. There is an opportunity to retire and immerse yourself in a cozy atmosphere. Mirror inserts reflect what is happening around the restaurant. Upholstered chairs made of genuine leather immerse you in the atmosphere of the middle of the last century.

Tiled floors, natural oak wood and, of course, marble: the interior was added black, and also used a beautiful white polished with a glossy finish. White material tables with gray streaks, marble countertops and comfortable upholstered chairs in the mid-twentieth century style with leather seats. The establishment impresses with its beauty and refined taste.

The suspension of high lighting allows the kitchen to acquire a modern look. Visitors can clearly see when exactly freshland hot food comes out of the oven.


Bright concept design

In this section, we will introduce you to the expressive and memorable design of a restaurant called Pizza Express, which would have been designed and implemented in the British city of Finchley.

This new restaurant is located in a large shopping and entertainment complex, which is located in a lively city quarter.


The designers created an interesting concept that takes into account the unusual shape of the room, and also came up with a bright and memorable facade that stands out from the street and attracts the attention of passers-by.

The interior design was designed in an ultra-modern style with a predominance of rich shades that leave a bright and positive impression on visitors.


For example, for finishing the walls, experts have selected textured and expressive wooden panels in a rich chocolate tone, which contrast with the amber hue. The combination turned out to be very dynamic and attractive for customers.


Especially for this creative project, unusual decorative panels with traditional folklore ornaments were developed, creating a cheerful and cheerful mood.

Also, especially for this restaurant, the designers of the architectural studio have developed an original, fascinating lighting, which makes the atmosphere in the hall especially warm and comfortable.

Spotlights were installed around the perimeter of the hall, aimed at expressive wall panels with colorful ornaments. In addition to them, the hall is filled with a soft, relaxed light by beautiful light bulbs in metal shades hanging from the ceiling on thin electric cords.

The design of the PizzaExpress restaurant in the British metropolis of Finchley is a real creative masterpiece.


The restaurant has an excellent location in the most dynamic area of the city, creative interior design, designed in a memorable style, neutral colors with bright accents in the decor, as well as a cozy and soulful atmosphere that makes it very attractive to visitors.

If you want to implement a bright conceptual design in your pizzeria, then our design firm will help you!


Style eklektika

In this section, we will introduce you to the incomparable design of the pizzeria TG. Italiano, designed and implemented in the Hungarian metropolis of Budapest.


A magnificent restaurant is located in an old building, towering in the central and lively district of the capital. The complex features an incomparable architecture with high ceilings and panoramic window openings, as well as a special charm that attracts a large number of locals and itinerant travelers to its walls.

The interior design was designed in an eclectic style, harmoniously combining the ancient architecture of the building and modern equipment. So, for example, the decoration of the walls in the form of textured brickwork was left untouched by specialists.

With her expressive and unusual appearance, she transformed the interior and filled the atmosphere with incredible charm and warmth.

At the same time, the floor was finished using textured wood of a rich chocolate tone, and the ceiling was decorated with unusual graffiti, which gives the atmosphere charm and sophistication.


If you want to implement an eclectic style of design in your pizzeria, then our design firm will help you!

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