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W 13th St

New York, NY

Renovation Restaurant Manhattan:

An Exclusive Concept Completed by Horeca

At the heart of New York City, on W 13th St, a new chapter in the culinary world is being written. The latest renovation project has breathed new life into a renowned restaurant, transforming it with an exclusive concept that promises to captivate both the eye and the palate. This extensive renovation, masterfully executed by Horeca, encompasses all aspects of engineering systems, millwork, and construction work. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable transformation and discover what sets this project apart.

New project exclusive concept is done 

✅ Horeca provide All engineering  systems , millwork, construction work.

Interior Design and Aesthetics

The renovation also included the integration of the latest technology, from smart lighting systems to advanced security features, ensuring the restaurant is at the forefront of innovation.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy centered on creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The layout is intuitive, facilitating smooth movement for both staff and guests, while the decor exudes a sophisticated charm.

W 13th StNew York, NY-08.jpg

Materials and Finishes Used

High-quality materials and finishes were selected to ensure durability and elegance. From marble countertops to hardwood floors, every material was chosen for its beauty and resilience.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

The ultimate goal was to create an atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome and relaxed. Warm lighting, comfortable seating, and thoughtful decor all contribute to a dining experience that is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

W 13th StNew York, NY-03.jpg

Sustainable Construction Practices

Sustainability was a key consideration throughout the renovation. Horeca utilized eco-friendly materials and practices, reducing the environmental impact and aligning the project with modern sustainability standards.

The renovation of the restaurant on W 13th St, New York, NY, represents a harmonious blend of innovation, elegance, and functionality.

Millwork and Construction

Custom millwork is a standout feature of the renovation, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness. Every piece of furniture and fixture was crafted to match the exclusive concept, ensuring consistency and elegance throughout the space.


An Exclusive Concept

Importance of Professional Renovation Services


Unique Features

The new concept introduced by Horeca is nothing short of revolutionary. The design marries traditional elegance with cutting-edge modernity. Guests are greeted by an inviting ambiance where each element, from lighting to seating arrangements, has been meticulously planned to enhance comfort and enjoyment.


Standing Out from Competitors

In a city teeming with dining options, standing out is crucial. This renovated restaurant achieves that through its unique blend of aesthetics, ambiance, and culinary excellence. The exclusive concept ensures that every visit is an experience to remember.


Inspiration Behind the Concept

The inspiration behind this exclusive concept draws from the rich cultural tapestry of New York City itself. The fusion of various design elements reflects the city's diversity, creating a space that feels both timeless and innovative.


Horeca's Role in the Renovation

Horeca is a name synonymous with quality and precision in the hospitality industry. Specializing in comprehensive renovation projects, Horeca brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence that is evident in every detail of this project.

Key Construction Aspects

The construction phase focused on creating a solid foundation for the restaurant's operations. This included structural reinforcements, new flooring, and updated walls, all designed to support the restaurant's daily activities.

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