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Small Restaurant   ​Builders

Small Restaurant  Design2.jpg

Modern minimalism

An example of such an interior can be seen in the restaurant-bistro Rizzelli, where visitors are offered delicious pasta prepared according to traditional and author's recipes.

Its interior is a modern embodiment of the image of an old trattoria, where guests are warmly welcomed and well fed.


Designers have created a cozy space in which everyone feels comfortable.


A simple palette, clean lines, no unnecessary details — people come here for delicious food and always get it.


The dining room has more than modest dimensions, which made the authors of the project turn it into a kind of home kitchen. Simple furniture includes tables, stools, built-in shelving.

The open work area is located behind a partition that looks more like a rack.


Thanks to this, impatient visitors have the opportunity to watch the preparation of pasta and other dishes.


And this is able to tease anyone's appetite, already disturbed by dizzying aromas and warming interior.


If you want to implement modern minimalism in your small restaurant, then our design firm will help you!

Small Restaurant  Design3.jpg

Marine style

An example of such an interior can be seen in the restaurant Le Table in France.


The institution itself is located in the city of Nantes, which is fifty kilometers from the Atlantic coast.


The unique concept proposed by the architects became the basis for the material embodiment of the brand's traditions and heritage.

Tables that were once used for butchering fish, ceiling decor made with real canvas, and canned food labels that were transformed into bright prints and placed in frames, transport restaurant guests to an imaginary fish shop built, as in the old days, right on the coast.

Photos of the founders ' family adorn the walls, telling about the company's traditions, reconciling vintage and modern design components. Among the latter — concrete tiles, which are lined with the floor in the bar area, and colored chairs.

The abundance of wood in a warm, natural tone creates a friendly atmosphere, and the deep gray-blue hue in which many surfaces are kept is the cement that combines the harmonious combination of heterogeneous elements of this interior. In particular, it softens the contrast between wooden furniture and spectacular geometric patterns.


The menu offers a wide range of dishes that are prepared using canned fish. The terrace, bar and dining room provide them with comfortable accommodation in all weather conditions.


Don't you think that this design gives off the salty sea wind and the aroma of perfectly cooked fresh fish? If you want to implement the sea style in your small restaurant, then our design firm will help you!

Small Restaurant  Design6.jpg
Citrus Fruits

Vegetarian style

We will talk about an innovative space created to rid the concept of "diet" of the negative connotations that exist exclusively in our heads.

The owners of this site tried to give a new meaning to the idea of selling takeaway food, offering customers a wide selection of vegetarian or just healthy dishes.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and a rational attitude to natural resources is the foundation that our specialists will reflect in the interior of the institution.


Visitors have the opportunity to get an idea of the restaurant's offerings even before the tasting - through the perception of textures, materials, palettes and the structure of the space itself. The ceramic lining of the racks and the cement floor clearly hint at the hygienic cleanliness of the premises.

A flexible attitude to customer needs is conveyed by the inclusion of a modular storage system in the interior, which is based on wooden slats with a groove in the middle. With their help, compact trays and shelves are fixed to the wall in the desired combination. The muted color scheme suggests the naturalness of the ingredients used in the preparation of dishes and drinks.

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