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Ice cream shop Constrution

Ice cream shop design 1.jpg

Rustic interior design

An example of such an interior can be seen in ice cream shop the Afogto ice cream shop in Tel Aviv.

The cafe's design was inspired by Italy. In its premises, you can clearly feel the echoes of Italian streets, shops and trattorias. The main finishing material is dense dark wood, which best characterizes traditional Italian interiors, so the choice of coatings was very small.

The concrete floor is painted in two colors, which made it possible to visually separate the cash register area from the guest area.

The walls are decorated with rough textured plaster, which adds several years to the building and gives solidity. And the left wall resembles a gate made of painted boards.

Shelves and niches are also made of the same material, with built-in mirrors and decorative glasses that add light to the room.

Ice cream shop design 2
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Steampunk and national traditions

An example of such an interior can be seen in the Hua Hin-Thailand ice cream shop in Thailand.


Andthe terrier in this amazing ice cream shop is made in cool colors. The color of the walls resembles vanilla and pistachio ice cream. And the window frames, lamps and metal pipes are stylized as copper, which gives the room a certain touch of warmth.

A striking feature of the interior is the round tea tables, which resemble weaklollipops from cartoons. Thestylized clockwork decorations seem to remind you that it's time to taste cold sweets. On the kitchen cabinets located behind the bar counter, customers can get acquainted with the assortment of treats and prices for them. Such use of furniture items is on the one hand functional, on the other hand it is an original and stylish element of the interior.

Ice cream shop design 4
Ice cream shop design 3
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Cozy design

An example of such an interior can be seen in the Possi ice cream shop in Milan.

The high ceiling with lanterns that emit natural light makes the room spacious and bright. The classic bar, tables, original chairs with multicolored weaving bring a familiar feeling. On the left side there is a counter covered with wooden boards from three palettes, rotating which you can create different color combinations. Behind the bar there are ceramic tiles and sliding panels that hide and show dishes and tools.


At the end of the main hall, a staircase leads to the balcony and is illuminated by spherical lamps hanging from the ceiling. The mezzanine is furnished with cozy and soft benches upholstered in yellow and blue vinyl fabrics. Clients, being on it, retain a visual connection with the rest of the space. Even the decoration of the toilet rooms was carefully designed by designers. The entrance is a cabin with copper portholes and horizontal tiles of different colors.

The entire room appears to be alive. The color scheme of the interior (white, blue, beige, cherry, blue, green, red), as well as their endless combinations, make the appearance bright, fun, and intricate.

If you want to implement a cozy design in your ice cream shop, then our design firm will help you!

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