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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Horeca NYC provides a full range of construction-related services for complex, high-quality, and luxury construction projects. Get inspired to build with our gallery of professional renovation and build-out projects.

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction


Site Management

Special Projects

Infrastructure Construction

Interior Design

Remodeling &


We Offer Free Consultations

Ready to schedule your free in-home consultation? Don’t miss an opportunity to meet and collaborate with the Horeca NYC renovation experts and transform your dream into reality. No obligations or hidden fees.

Construction Services

Our Approach

Horeca NYC brings a focused approach and a commitment to excellence to all of our projects. Below are several key steps in our construction approach, which have become a system of proven best practices that our clients have come to rely on.

Construction Manager


The pre-construction phase includes creating a strategic plan for the project, creating a design, securing permits or entitlements, and gathering the labor and resources required for construction.

Mixing Paint


The next phase of a construction project lasts from the moment physical construction begins until physical construction ends. The construction stage is the period that most people associate with construction projects, partially due to its visibility.

Construction Engineers


The period of time spanning from when physical construction ends until project turnover to the owner takes place, is known as the post-construction phase. All documents  are handed over to the owner, and the team is trained on how to operate all systems and equipment.

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