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Официантка сервировки еды

Fast food
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Fast Food Design-1.jpg

Modern design

An example of such an interior can be seen in the cafe kafa-the fast food restaurant Mr.. Burger in the center of Heraklion. Historic fast food is now presented in a new space, with a large number of modern urban elements that meet all the needs of the restaurant.

The impressive facade, designed by specialists, a special geometric design that hides LED lighting, makes it unique.


The first floor has an area of 70 square meters, there is a kitchen and a main dining room, on the intermediate floor there are auxiliary kitchen rooms and toilets. On the ceiling, we see hollow cubes made of drywall. There is a lot of special Egyptian marble on the floor.


A new sand material was used for painting, and the walls are covered with paving stones, which is unusual for facing, and directly in front of these paving stones stretch perforated aluminum grids. The furniture is mostly wood and metal.

Specially treated stamped wooden surfaces cover the tables in the fast food restaurant, the same material was used on the arches leading to the intermediate floor. LED technologies were used for general lighting.

If you want to implement a modern design in your fast food restaurant, then our design firm will help you!

Fast Food Design-2.jpg

Corporate design

Our specialists can arrange a corporate design for your restaurant. In this section, we will present the concept of unique design of a fast-service restaurant of the Vapiano Slow brand Vapiano Slow.

 Vapiano brand establishments offer customers a wide range of Italian cuisine and excellent fast food service. The development and implementation of a unique idea was carried out by a gifted engineer Matteo Tun, who managed to create a cozy and warm environment, perfectly suitable for a relaxing holiday, socializing and enjoying a meal with guests in the company of their close surroundings.

The concept of interior design for restaurants all over Europe and other parts of the world is designed in a simple and concise style with a predominance of expressivematerials.

To finish the walls and ceiling, the specialist selected a snow-white color palette that fills the space with incredible charm and visually expands the modest area of the restaurant.


At the same time, the master used light-colored textured wood to cover the floor surface, whichgives the interior comfort and warmth.

Simple and unpretentious furniture was used to equip the cafe's interior: long wooden tables surrounded by minimalist ottomans with beige leather upholstery.

They allow customers to get comfortable and enjoy a pleasant time in acozy and serene environment.

All tables are complemented by oblong drawers made with snow-white marble with expressive smoky streaks, which are used to highlight interior items, lamps of original design and plants in planters.


The centerpiece of the design is an open kitchen framed by a high counter with glass display cases. It is decorated with an original canopy with graphite boards in a rich green hue. They feature colorful drawings and interesting poems that visitors can enjoy while waiting for an order.

Fast Food Design-4.jpg

The original layout of the room with a lot of cozy and inimitable corners for eating and relaxing, amazing design, designed in a modern style with a lot of accents, an amazing illumination system and an abundance of decorative elements attract many visitors to the institution-all this our specialists can implement for you!

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